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Drinking water cups need to be cleaned every day
Water cups can be seen everywhere. In daily life, the water cup is one of our most important necessities. The cup is in close contact with our lips every day. It is necessary to clean the cup every day!

Whether the cup is clean or not is closely related to our health. According to the survey, nearly 80% of people think that as long as the cup is not dirty, it can not be cleaned. However, health experts remind that the cup is wet all the year round, if it is not cleaned and disinfected, It will become a breeding ground for mold. A small survey on cup cleaning shows that 50% of people can't clean the cup every day. Most people think that the surface of the cup is not dirty and it is not cleaned, and 55% is cleaning the cup. Just a simple rinse, and generally do not realize the importance of cleaning the cup!

In fact, the water is filled with water, often in a humid environment, and it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria based on mold, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly rinse and disinfect the water cup and keep it as dry as possible. The most important thing is the cup screw. It is the easiest place to hide dirt and need to be cleaned!

Do you have a good cup of care? Is there a regular replacement of the cup? Healthy living, the cup is an appliance that is used every day to drink water. If the cup is not clean, the chance of developing intestinal infections and other diseases will increase greatly, and health will start from the water cup!
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