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What cups do you use to travel?
It is a must-have for travel according to the type and performance of all cups.

Compared with plastic cups and glass cups, stainless steel vacuum flasks are easy to keep, safe to carry, and not easy to break. When traveling, it is inevitable that bumps and bumps, stainless steel vacuum flasks just meet the needs of travel. And it can provide a touch of warmth during a long journey, making the journey more comfortable.

The place to pick the stainless steel vacuum flask:

1. The cup is round and the plastic parts have a small smell. To buy a thermos cup, first look at the appearance of the cup, whether the surface and liner are polished evenly, whether there are scratches, whether the cup mouth is round, and whether the weld is smooth. Try to screw the lid and fit it tightly with the cup.

2. After pouring hot water, the cup is not hot. Test the insulation of the vacuum flask, pour the boiling water into the cup, tighten the cap, let stand for 2-3 minutes, touch the cup by hand, and the heat insulation performance is good without heat. When adding hot water, be careful not to add too much to avoid scalding yourself when you unscrew.

3. Invert for 3 minutes and test for tightness. After adding water to the cup, tighten the cap and invert it for 3 minutes, or rub it a few times. If the lid is not twisted, water will seep out, indicating that the sealing effect is not good.

4. A little sinking material is good. The 20-meter cups sold on the market are mostly light and the appearance is bleak. When you buy them, the weight of the hand-sucking weight is relatively good.

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